Piirretty kuva, jossa vierekkäin kolme erisävyistä ikkunaa.

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EDIT 15.9.2021: The positions have been filled. Thank you to everyone who applied!

Loukko ry is looking to hire employees eligible for pay subsidy (palkkatuki). The employment requires the TE-services’ (TE-palvelut) pay subsidy – make sure you’re eligible for 100% pay subsidy from your TE office, before you apply for the position! You have to have been an unemployed jobseeker for two years to be eligible for 100% pay subsidy. The city of Helsinki also needs to approve the application for pay subsidy before hiring. The job is part-time, 65% of full working hours, meaning about 26 hours per week. The employment is fixed-term, lasting 6 months, and can be extended up to a maximum of another 6 months. The monthly pay is between 1400€ and 2000€ depending on the jobseeker’s base education and work tasks, which will be defined together.

Loukko ry is a non-profit organization in the field of art and culture. We maintain the Subcultural Centre Loukko in Kallio, Helsinki. Among Loukko’s operations are a vegan café, lunch using ingredients that would otherwise become food waste, a small shop selling individual artists’ products, different kinds of arts-related programme, workshops and an art gallery.

Loukko’s most important values are accessibility and equality. We operate as a safer space, meaning we’re committed to reducing the discrimination that different minorities face. We want to make space for diversity, easy participation and cultural action on people’s own terms. We expect applicants to respect these values and operational principles. You can read more about us at our website: https://www.kulttuuriloukko.fi/loukko/loukko-in-english/

You will be briefed into the work and tasks can be customised according to the applicant’s needs and abilities to an extent, but at this moment we can only employ workers who can also work and take initiative independently. In both positions you will be working as part of Loukko’s working group, which includes volunteers, part-time employees and the organization’s board. The positions don’t require any specific education or job experience, but we hope the chosen applicants have initiative and motivation to develop Loukko’s operations and their own work going forward.

We’re looking for employees for two positions:

  • Shift manager at Subcultural Centre Loukko

The work tasks include the coordination and planning of lunch and the café, planning of work shifts, customer service and other tasks related to operating Loukko’s basic functions, which can also be tailored according to the chosen applicant’s interests and skills. Working hours are mainly on weekdays during the day and evening. Some shifts may be on weekends. Work is done mainly at Subcultural Centre Loukko’s space at Castréninkatu 7, 00530 Helsinki. The position doesn’t require any specific education or job experience. Our working group is multilingual, so basic Finnish and English are beneficial, but fluency isn’t a requirement. A driver’s license is beneficial, but not required. Loukko can cover the costs of a hygiene proficiency test, if the chosen applicant does not yet have a Hygiene Passport.

  • Loukko ry’s communications manager

The work tasks include responsibility over the organization’s internal and public communication and social media: image editing, word processing, writing and marketing as well as planning and developing Loukko’s communications together with others running Loukko. The position doesn’t require any specific education or job experience, but we expect the applicants to have skills in image editing, basic skills in Finnish and English and experience or interest in the accessibility of communication. Part of the work can be done remotely, but part is done at Loukko’s space at Castréninkatu.

Applications are taken in between 28.7.2021 – 15.8.2021. We will be inviting applicants for interviews in late August. The contract can start in September or later, depending on the process timeline of the pay subsidy applications. Please send your application at loukko@kulttuuriloukko.fi with the header EMLPOYED AT LOUKKO?


Illustration: Auri