Loukko Galleria: Simona Kocurková – Grief

Simona Kocurková – Grief
1.2. – 21.2.2021

Näyttely on auki tiistaisin 12 – 14, keskiviikkoisin 12 – 19 ja torstaisin 12 – 17. Muina aikoina voit sopia yksityiskäynnin ajanvarauksella:  galleria@kulttuuriloukko.fi. Tilaan otetaan enintään viiden ihmisen ryhmiä. Noudatathan turvallisuusohjeita: Älä tule, jos olet oireinen tai altistunut koronatartunnalle. Pese kädet tullessasi. Käytä kasvomaskia jos voit. Kasvomaskeja ja käsidesiä löytyy Loukolta.

The exhibition is on view on Tuesdays 12:00 – 14:00, Wednesdays 12:00 – 19:00 and Thursdays 12:00 – 17:00. For other times, make an appointment for private visits: galleria@kulttuuriloukko.fi. Please be respectful of safety measures. Appointments are for max 5 people at a time. Do not come if you are symptomatic or have been exposed to the corona virus. Please wash your hands on arrival and wear a mask if possible. Free masks & hand disinfectant provided at the gallery.

Yleiskuva kolmesta kehystetystä teoksesta - värikkäita kuvia kehystettynä punaisella, valkoista seinää vasten

Simona’s first solo exhibition Grief is autobiographical and reflects on the periods of her life distorted by painful mourning. Presented artworks demonstrate several layers of the healing. There’s no fear in being vulnerable. There’s no running away. In fact, there’s a hidden beauty in grieving. There’s a beauty in knowing yourself through facing the real pain. Color palette and precise details of each artwork emphasize bold connection to raw feelings -crushing pain, denial, resentment, loneliness, confusion and finally – acceptance. Grief is a very personal journey, yet many can relate in their own way.

Simona’s main domain used to be glass and sculpture, but in the recent years she has inclined more into media such as ink, oil or gouache on paper. In her works she often immerses into exploration of the most fragile human emotions. With her sensitive approach she unveils a bare necessity of expressing what really hides under the surface of all of us.

Simona Kocurková (b. 1993, Slovakia) graduated (BA) from Tomas Bata University in 2017, while as well attended 1 year of exchange studies at Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, which led to her moving to Finland permanently. She is currently based in Helsinki. Simona previously exhibited in a range of group shows at various locations around Europe – Dresden, Barcelona, Prague and others.

With this exhibition, she would like to pay homage to her beloved father, which passed away last year.

Blind, 2020
Bewilderment, 2020
Implosion, 2019




Thorns III., 2021
Thorns II., 2021
Thorns, 2020


Distress, 2017
Drowning, 2017
Devour me, 2017


Teokset ovat myynnissä – hintakyselyt ja varaukset galleria@kulttuuriloukko.fi. Artikkelikuvassa teos Falling apart, 2020
The artworks are for sale – inquiries and reservations at galleria@kulttuuriloukko.fi. Headline piece: Falling apart, 2020

Simona Kocurková – Grief