Introduction to Loukko Gallery – meet the people behind low-threshold gallery

Loukko Gallery is a low-threshold art gallery operating from within Loukko Loukko Center of Subcultures.

Suomeksi täällä

The gallery was founded in 2019 and it’s managed by three gallery members: Atte Viljamaa, Nova Kaspia and Vilja Joensuu. In addition to these regular curators, in the future we will be inviting visiting curators annually. We as Loukko Gallery believe that art is not only for professionals artists, academically educated or for those involved in art institutions.

Enjoying and making of art should be accessible for everyone regardless of one’s background. You do not have to work as a professional artist or to have received widespread recognition in the art field to apply for Loukko Gallery. As gallerists and curators, we wish to challenge the idea of who is allowed to make, present and define art. It is our aim to create new space and approachable possibilities for artists and makers. We think art and subcultures operating at grass roots levels deserve to be seen, recognized and celebrated  too, just as forms of art thought of as high culture are.

As gallerists and curators, we wish to challenge the idea of who is allowed to make, present and define art.

We believe that artistic expression and freedom of speech are not free from critique and accountability. We are interested in what kind of representations are conveyed through works of art: who’s story is being told, by who, to whom? Loukko Gallery weights diversity and variance of the artists, themes and techniques in the curating process. Loukko’s safer spaces policy is also applied during the gallery exhibitions.

The curating process is based on the principles mentioned above but it’s also affected by the individuals behind the gallery. Curating is never neutral, so we don’t think it should be presented as such. There’s always authority involved. By curating, we are giving  space but also excluding by choice. We aim to challenge ourselves and this position continually by inviting external curators annually.

Open calls are opened twice a year, in spring and autumn seasons. The open call for a visiting curator is arranged in autumn. We also offer general help for writing an exhibition application. For further questions or arranging an appointment with us regarding the application, please mail us at

Valkoisella pohjalla logo, jossa LOUKKO käsinpiirrettynä ja GALLERIA selkein tikkukirjaimin
Artwork by Syys Huurre, design by Nova Kaspia.

Nova Kaspia (1990) is a visual artist, drag performer and art education student. He works with different techniques and materials from video art to Japanese watercolor woodblock printing. Nova is fascinated by the themes of identity and power, queer, tackiness, marginalized groups and anti-empowering narratives.

Vilja joensuu (1988) is a self-taught textile artist and musician with a background in social- and healthcare. While coordinating the operations at Loukko Center of Subcultures, they are particularly interested in the social effects of  grass roots level arts and culture.

Atte Viljamaa (1988).


Former members:

Syys Huurre (2019–2021).