Loukko Gallery Open Call: Spring 2021

Loukko Gallery Open Call for Spring 2021 had ended and all artists have been notified. Thank you for so many great applications!

Application time: 3.8.–31.8.2020

Exhibition period: January – June 2021

Decisions: September 2020

How to apply: Please send the application by 31.8.2020 to galleria@kulttuuriloukko.fi. Include the following elements:

  • Information about yourself and what kind art you create.
  • Description of the exhibition you’re planning.
  • If you have a preferred exhibition period.
  • If you’re applying for the slot without an exhibition fee.
  • Pictures of your work.

Open Call for spring 2021 is open 3.8.–31.8.2020. Decisions are made and announced to all applicants by the end of September. In this open call, there are seven exhibition slots from January to June 2021. Each lasts three weeks and includes installation and taking down of the exhibition. The exhibition fee is 100€, except for one slot that is free of charge. Please mention in the application if you’re primarily applying for a free exhibition slot.

Gallery’s operation is based on low-threshold principles. We as Loukko Gallery believe that art is not only for professionals artists, academically educated or for those involved in art institutions. You do not have to work as a professional artist or to have received widespread recognition in the art field to apply for Loukko Gallery. As gallerists and curators, we wish to challenge the idea of who is allowed to make, present and define art.

You do not have to work as a professional artist or to have received widespread recognition in the art field to apply for Loukko Gallery.

Enjoying and making of art should be accessible for everyone regardless of one’s background. Loukko Gallery weights diversity and variance of the artists, themes and techniques in the curating process. We want to promote the visibility of marginalized creators, but this doesn’t mean that the artwork itself should deal with marginalization. We are interested in what kind of representations are conveyed through works of art: who’s story is being told, by who, to whom? We believe that artistic expression and freedom of speech are not free from critique and accountability. Loukko’s safer spaces policy is applied during the gallery exhibitions.

We offer general help for writing an exhibition application. You can also download an application form here to support the writing process or ask for it by email. For further questions, or arranging an appointment with us regarding the application, please mail us at galleria@kulttuuriloukko.fi.


Read more about Loukko Gallery here and about the gallery team here. Open Call info in Finnish here.