Loukko in English

Loukko Center of Subcultures will be a venue for arts, happenings and meetings in Castréninkatu 7, Helsinki. Loukko operates on the principle of a safer space and will be accessible on all levels.

Loukko’s principles

No discrimination (racism, sexism, homophobia nor cis-sexism)

Don’t presume the gender, background, sexuality, physical or mental abilities of others

Give space and don’t touch others without consent

Give others the chance to speak: pass the mic!

No violence

No body commentary

Take criticism and analyze your behaviour

Don’t photograph or film others without permission

If you encounter harassment, discrimination, threat or other problematic situations or feelings, contact the safe persons at the venue. You can recognize the safe persons by their Loukko-badges


Loukko’s venue will house regular clubs and workshops, alternative live music, a low treshold art gallery and Theater Heimo – a theater group accessible for also it’s crew. Loukko will provide a platform for DIY operations and support for groups and people looking to bring on their own happenings. Most of our operation will be all ages and free of charge and necessary charges will be kept as low as possible.

Subcultural center Loukko will open in Helsinki, Kallio this spring! 

Part of Team Loukko. Pic: Jetro Stavén

What is Loukko and who is behind it?

Loukko will be a new center of subcultures in central Helsinki. We will house a venue for live music, performing arts, a low treshold art gallery and regular club- and workshop-activities. Our venue will open at Castréninkatu 7 in the spring of 2019!

Loukko follows the principles of a safer space and works towards total accessibility. This means we will not tolerate discrimination: no racism, no sexism, no bullshit!

After opening our own place we will also offer the possibility of producing and arranging events and activities through and with Loukko. We appreciate and encourage all ages, no charge events.

Where is Loukko?

So far Loukko has mainly operated in Oranssi’s facilities in Suvilahti, but very soon we will open our own venue for shows, arts and workshops along with a vegan cafe at Castréninkatu 7, Helsinki.

What’s so different about Loukko?

Loukko wants to combine good things. We are not directly aimed at any specific group, but want to make sure our operation is accessible for the groups who are affected by lack of accessibility, physically and socially.

Helsinki has many cultural centers, but our speciality is focusing on subcultures. We want to offer possibilities, space and guidance to people interested and respectful of DIY ethics – and have firm experience on the field of grass root cultural activism. In difference to many temporary and unofficial spaces we want to ensure physical accessibility.

Loukko will also house an all accessible theater group that allows ambitious artistic theater-making for people with physical restrictions. This does not make us a social service aimed at the disabled but an actual, ambitious operation aimed at anyone – we just want everyone to have an equal opportunity of participating.

When will it open?

In the spring of 2019!

Who is Loukko for?

Loukko is for anyone who wants to see shows, find new bands or art forms, make or see theater or just in general enjoy the diversity of culture and arts. The venue will also provide a possibility of bringing on self-made events and workshops and our crew will be happy to help with the process. Loukko will house events both all ages and with licensed serving. Our events will be free of charge as far as possible, except for some entrance fees to specific events. We don’t want people to be left out because of low income.

Loukko aknowledges the diversity of gender and personal qualities. We will not make assumptions on anyones gender or sexuality and our facilities are gender neutral.

Loukko and anyone who participates will commit to the principles of a safer space. We have zero tolerance on discrimination, racism, sexism, violence and any offence to personal space or safety. We as the crew will intervene when needed. Our space will also be made physically accessible so that people with moving aids won’t need to worry about getting around.

Who runs Loukko?

We are a group of professional and amateur makers in culture, arts and social work who share a passion for DIY.

Loukko works in co-operations with many partners, people and organisations who share our values. Some of the instances we are or have been working with or who have supported our cause are Oranssi ry, Musiikkikeskus Resonaari, Radio Valo, Tänäänkin Menee Hyvin Productions, Voima, Sarppa Tekee Tatskoi, Vegekauppa, Euphoria Borealis, Kinobox Obscura, Vapaa Taidekoulu, House of Jaahas, Loisto Paja, Ecco-Verde, Kuudes Linja, Bar Loosister, LUSH, Punanaamio and Helsingin Lasipaja Oy.

What can I do?

We are happy to welcome people and groups who respect and share our values to join the project. We could use help in funding, event production, content planning, practical renovation and running workshops or working at events. We also need people who write, take photographs, make illustrations or graphics or create content for out online media LoukkoZine. Or whatever else you’re good at or think would be important. Contact us at events or via e-mail and we’ll talk more: loukko@kulttuuriloukko.fi