OPEN CALL for Unfinished zines

Sinisellä taustalla teksti "OPEN CALL for unfinished zines", ajatuskuplissa tekstit "those zines that have been paused, stopped, are on a long long long vacation, forgotten." ja "deadline: 9th August, 2021"

OPEN CALL for Unfinished zines

Application form HERE
Deadline: 9.8.2021

We invite you to share your zine projects that are/have been in their incomplete state for a while. The zines that have been waiting around in the corner of your workspace,  beneath new ones, waiting to be picked up and worked on, because finishing a project is never easy all the time. And there are many reasons for their state of constant becoming – other works took over, the idea changed, not enough resources, it simply wasn’t right, you didn’t know how to finish it, you aren’t sure if it’s ready. This project brings forward these almost forgotten works, works that may never see their audience otherwise. The process exists even when the end result doesn’t. The exhibition will be held at Loukko Gallery in September 2021.

This project is part of the ’Almost’ series which was started in 2019 focusing on works that almost never reach their final state. 9 artists participated in the first edition of the project which was exhibited in the form of a magazine published in collaboration with Photobooks of Finland in Helsinki and in Oulu.

The working language of the project is English, but the works submitted can be in any language. Applications are open to all who wish to apply.

About the curator

Ria Andrews is a curator currently based in Kouvola, Finland. She is currently finishing her studies in the Praxis Master’s program in Exhibition Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki. She works with exploring relationships and potentialities between the arts and the community while constantly questioning the relationship between the roles of artists, curators, audience and site. Her current project on unfinished works with Loukko Gallery explores process-oriented works and works with making the labor of the working process of artists more transparent.

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