TRANS Virtual gallery

Welcome to Loukko Gallery’s TRANS – dreams, notes virtual exhibition.
TRANS is a communal media artwork gallery that consists of visual sketches of wishes, dreams and utopias. Exhibition is in constant change and will grow during the following year. We accept new works of art until 31.10.2022. See the instructions on how to participate at the end of this page.
The exhibition is open from 20.11.2021 to  20.11.2022.
How to use the gallery:
You can access individual artwork by clicking the name of the artist. If you are using mobile device or want a simple gallery view, you can find it here.
In October 2021 two workshops were organised at Loukko Center of Subcultures. The artwork produced in those workshops can be seen in the gallery above. The exhibition will expand during the following year as more artwork is send to us. Participants of all ages are welcome to send their work. If needed, content warnings are attached.
Instructions for participation:
What kind of visions and dreams you have? Are they linked to your own life, or do you want to dream for the society or the state of the world? What do you find important, urgent, interesting, frustrating or even amusing? Dreams are not always rosy daydreams. They can rise from hopelessness, bitterness, and hate. In the core of the utopia you can often find hope, and a shy thought that maybe change is still possible, after all.

Artwork can be done digitally or by hand (drawing, painting, collage, etc.). Send the work as JPG or PNG file/link to dreamnotes2021(at) Unfortunately we can’t accept physical artwork.

In the email, write the name that you want published alongside your work. Otherwise it will be published as “anonymous”. You may also add other information about the work and text, e.g. poems.
The workshops were held by visual artist and pedagogue Nova Kaspia.
The project has been supported by The City of Helsinki, Arts Promotion Center Finland, artist material shop Tempera and Loukko Center of Subcultures.