Visiting Curator Open Call 2021 

dark and sketch-like pencil drawing of a cube

Hakutiedot suomeksi täällä

Application time: 2. – 30.11.2020

Exhibition slot: 7.6. – 4.7.2021

Desicions: 15.12.2020 

How to apply: Please send the application by 30.11.2020 at Include the following elements

  • Information about yourself
  • Why would you like to curate an exhibition at Loukko Galleria
  • What themes and content interest you
  • Are you interested in the position only if we receive the grant and are able to pay a reward (check the details below) 

Who can apply: Anyone interested in curating, visual arts, and gallery management. Note that Loukko Galleria is a politically engaged gallery (see more below). Applications can be sent by individuals, working pairs, or groups.

Why invite a Visiting Curator: Loukko Galleria is operated by a gallery team that consists of three regular gallerists. Curating is never neutral, and it should not be presented as such – there’s always authority involved. By curating, one can give space but also exclude. Via inviting a Visiting Curator, we aim to enable more diverse art content and also support gallery management that doesn’t require formal education. The open call for a Visiting Curator is arranged annually. 

 Visiting Curator can either organize a themed open call or invite artist(s) for a solo or group exhibition. Curating can also involve planning and carrying out events, workshops and/or panel discussions at Loukko Center of Subcultures. Gallery team members assist and work in cooperation with the Visiting Curator.

We have applied for a grant from Kone Foundation, of which 1000 e part is reserved for the Visiting Curator. The fee is dependent on the grant, as for the time being Loukko Galleria does not enjoy regular funding. We will know the funding decision in December. Please note in a pair or group application that the 1000 e fee would be divided between the members of the working group. 

Loukko Gallery is a low-threshold principles based art gallery, operating in the Loukko Center of Subcultures. Gallery was founded in 2019 and it’s managed by three gallery members. In Loukko Gallery, we believe that art is not only for professionals artists, academically educated or those involved in art institutions. Read further about Loukko and gallery’s principles. 

Gallery space: Loukko’s venue (approximately 100 m2) houses regular clubs, workshops and alternative live music, and runs a vegan cafe and affordable lunch two days a week. Due to diverse activities, the furniture is reorganized regularly. The gallery’s permanent exhibition surfaces are two walls (247cm x 265cm and 183cm x 265cm) and two poles (37cm x 370cm). We have a few pedestals available for use. Artworks can also be hung from the ceiling, on the performance stage, and to and in front of the massive windows (inside the space). 

Due to crowded events, artwork placed on the floor is not recommended. We also don’t recommend curating video projections or sound installations, as Loukko is a bright cafe with background music. It is possible though to exhibit audiovisual works with a monitor and headphones, and display media art at the vernissage or exhibition related events. Please note, that at the moment Loukko Galleria does not have monitors, media players or headphones for artists to use. We warmly welcome you to visit Loukko Galleria to get a better understanding of the space and it’s possibilities. 

Call is open 2. – 30.11.2020. One individual, working pair or a group will be selected to gather a four week exhibition. Decisions will be announced by 15.12. Exhibition curated by the Visiting Curator will end Loukko Galleria’s spring season 7.6. – 4.7.2020.  

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Kuvassa Loukko Gallerian näyttelyseinä
From green cupboard to toilet door 247 x 265 cm, toilet door to white cupboard 183 x 265 cm
Kuvassa Loukon ikkunoiden väliset pylväät, joihin voi sijoittaa taideteoksia
3 pillars 37 x 370 cm