What is decided and where? FAR Night School hosts a session about Finnish local elections

Welcome to the next FAR Night School session on the 24th of May 2021!

Topics of this session are local politics and local elections, which are held in all the Finnish municipalities on the 13th of June 2021 (pre-voting 26.5-8.6 in Finland and 2.6-5.6 abroad). The session takes place on Zoom. To get the Zoom-link and to submit questions you want addressed at the event, send an email to farnightschool@riseup.net.

Some questions that we will address:

– The relationship between local politics and state politics: what is decided where?

– What are the topical questions in the 2021 Finnish local elections?

– What is the Finnish party system like?

This FAR Night School session in English will be conducted in the spirit of mutual learning, where we learn from each other and come up with better questions together. The main focus will be on unraveling what are the unclear questions we all have about the local elections, and what is the significance of these elections to feminist, anti-racist, and class confrontational struggles.

Participation is open to all, and no prior knowledge or experience of municipal politics is required. We will provide some learning materials to those who want to familiarise themselves with the topic prior to the session, but this is not compulsory. The session is independent of party politics, and we will adhere to Loukko’s principles (available here).

As in all our sessions, you are free to join for all or part of the session, and participate in ways that feel best for you. There is no compulsion to actively speak and participate, and silent observing is an equally welcome way of taking part in our collective learning process.

We do ask all our participants to follow safer space guidelines that we will share at the beginning of the event. We will also have a dedicated person responsible for ensuring everyone enjoys a discrimination-free experience.

All FAR Night School sessions are free and open to everyone. Sessions are independent, and attendance in other sessions is not required for participation.

Due to the covid situation, the session will be held on Zoom. We will send a Zoom link to those who sign-up before the event. You can sign up by sending us an e-mail to farnightschool@riseup.net.

Reading list

(Note that due to the elections having been postponed, some of these articles mention the outdated election date 18.4)

  • Local elections in Finland in English, in a nutshell: link
  • A really simple guide to Finland’s 2021 local elections: link
  • Who can vote? You do not need to be a Finnish citizen to vote. Read more about the right to vote: link
  • On local elections in Finland in different languages: link
  • Finnwards article about the 2017 local election results and tips on where to find information about the upcoming elections: link
  • Finnwards article about committees (lautakunta) and other decision making bodies in Finnish municipal administration: link
  • Finnwards article about voting activity in Finnish local elections: link
  • YLE article on why most foreigners don’t vote: link
  • YLE article on underrepresented areas in the city council; Two-thirds of Helsinki city councillors live in the capital’s wealthier central neighbourhoods: link
  • YLE article about administrative mistake preventing some from voting: link